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Supporting Social Democracy

In order to manage an increasingly complex economy and society, a Thai model of democratic governance is needed that promotes sustainable development, stability and social justice. FES believes the social democratic model is best suited to reconcile a dynamic economy with the security needs of all citizens. FES contributes to the strengthening of democratic institutions in order to provide rules and mechanisms for the peaceful competition of interests. We support democratic actors in emancipation efforts and capacity building in view of enhancing political participation and social inclusion.

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Inclusive Social Dialogue

FES aims at strengthening social justice by distributing equal opportunities to all citizens. Assuming that a society is more peaceful if the risks of a dynamic economy are balanced by a system of social security, we support dialogue on a Thai development model that enhances growth and decent work, freedom and security at the same time. Representing the German Trade Union Movement abroad, empowering progressive Thai Trade Unions to represent their members’ interests in Thailand and abroad is one of our priorities. 

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